Just Kyrie Being Kyrie


Iconoclastic Irving

I bet you thought it couldn’t get weirder

What the hell is up with Kyrie Irving?

His recent posts and statements with anti-Semitic overtones are way out of line. Irving’s refusal to consider an apology shows a lack of empathy for humanity.

One thing is clear, he’s not boring. If you write about sports, there won’t be a few weeks that go by that he’s not generating a story somehow or some way.

Is he just putting us all on, or is there some kind of psychological misfire that’s happening?

Irving, who plays point guard for the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets, is a superiorly talented player.

He can do things on the floor with the ball in his hands that other players wish they could do. Kyrie has also was traded multiple times and is also a bit of a coach killer. He’s played for nine different coaches in his twelve year career.

His current team, the Brooklyn Nets troika of talent comprising Irving, Kevin Durant, and Ben Simmons should be favorites to win the leagues Eastern Division. Instead, they are an intensely burning dumpster fire.

If Kyrie Irving is in the right mindset, the Nets are the best team in basketball. That’s how valuable he is. Will they be able to pull him into focus? Or is he just playing with us?

Kyrie Irving said he was unvaccinated against COVID-19. That caused a Mount Vesuvius-like reaction on social media.

The Nets 2021 season was finished before it began. One of the league’s superstars went against New York state statutes. The NBA did not mandate vaccines or masks. Irving did not play home games according to New York state law.

Now, in case you don’t know, Kyrie Irving has taken some, let’s say, entertaining public stances in the past. I laughed when he claimed to be one of those that believe that the earth is flat.

He used important-sounding rhetoric and sounded enlightened. It was like Irving had deliberated and believed what he was saying.

He played it up for a few weeks and then apologized after people of science called him out. High School science teachers were not appreciative.

Irving said that he likes to spur debate and then see where it leads. The press went nuts and reported it for a few days. It was Kyrie being curious. He was just messing with us.

Kyrie Irving has a serious side.

He has used his immense resources to help people in need. He has educated views about the virus and the vaccine. Irving contributed to WNBA players and their families during the CV-19 lockdown.

He has helped underprivileged members of New York City. Irving bought a house for the family of George Floyd. He donated food and masks to his late mother’s Sioux Lakota tribe. Kyrie Irving is a proven humanitarian.

Why would someone that has donated time and money to charitable causes not live up to the causes he has been charitable too?

And now he has been suspended for promoting a book and a movie that has subject matter that is highly inflammatory and dangerous.

The best way to describe it is Kyrie is being Kyrie. Whoever that is at the moment.

Erik Drost, CC BY 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons


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