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Fraudulently Yours

NAH, THAT COULDN’T HAPPEN TO ME Scammers are people too Amid searching for work online, an email finds its way to the inbox. Since it’s been weeks since the quest got underway, the message blends with the others seamlessly. The opening of missives rolls on and, inevitably, unbeknownst to the opener, the nefarious note makes itself known. By innocently clicking on the offending offering a Pandora’s box will be unleashed if executed upon. Information in it reads like a positive pronouncement of the reception of an inquiry of the application for employment. Human Resources has received the solicitation, along with the resume, and has ascertained that the applicant has met the basic requirement to move forward in the process! As they peruse the details of the offer, a swell of gratitude fills the job seeker. All the aspects of the overture check the required boxes. Remote location, adequate compensation and benefits that are requisite upon examination. They conducted the initial interview

Upsets Abound in N.L. Playoffs

Braves and Dodgers unceremoniously kicked to the curb Anything can happen in a short series A couple of months ago, I declared the San Diego Padres dead . This is a display of my overconfidence whenever it comes to prognostication. My lapse of reason for prediction is particularly painful when I’m in Las Vegas. It’s there when my penchant for being a prophet cannot turn a profit. I should know better by now, and I do, but that doesn’t stop me. In sports, there is always a chance. Sometimes the underdog overcomes all odds and shocks the pundits. That possibility has an ability to wheedle its way into decision making. There’s always a chance. That’s the tantalizing prospect. To be recognized as an oracle. A soothsayer of the science of sports forecasting. I didn't see this coming, and that's the problem with the Major League Baseball playoffs. The defending world series champion Atlanta Braves looked unbeatable. The same with the 111 win Los Angeles Dodgers. Both teams seemed to

Good Health and a Bad Memory

Key to a happy life Amnesia is a gift Time passes for some of us like a sloth that has discovered and somehow took a drag off of a dank Indica blunt. We remember little foibles of people or persons that have mistreated us, real or imagined. We choose to keep this recollection in mind so that, when the key moment renders itself, we can exact our revenge. Such thinking can be a detriment, not only for our psyche but also for our physicality. Such willful, spiteful retrospection can manifest in ways that we cannot perceive, but the ones that can see us do. It may be a scowl that we hold facially, or a hunch that is developed by carrying too much tension in the shoulders making them stooped. Either way, it shows that having a memory that is too good is a detriment to a pursuit of happiness. In the United States of America , we’re given the privilege of pursuing happiness by the Declaration of Independence. So, in that instance, the concept of having an exemplary capacity for memory could b

Baseball: Fail Your Way to the Top

  MASTER THE GRIND LIKE A GRIND MASTER Embrace the suck I’m writing this to you because I feel there has to be a need for this message to come to you this way today. Something tells me that a challenge is perplexing you. Don’t worry. A confrontation of this sort is precisely what a well-lived life is all about. Sure, it’s a pain in the nether regions, but the situation you find yourself in needs focus and motivation to achieve rectification. You need those two aspects to find the way out and on to a better time. Nothing can teach you better about failure, and resolution, better than my favorite sport,  baseball . In this most established of all sports, the way of playing is as venerable as the passage of time. It’s a game where success is as elusive as the time that passes as it’s being played. If a baseball hitter’s time at bat is fruitful three times out of 10, that would be 30% of the time. They consider the batter an enormous success! The powers that be would consider the ball whac