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MLB Playoffs: The Legend of Eddie Rosario

They’re the surprise team of the 2021 MLB Playoffs.  The Atlanta Braves are not supposed to be where they are. They only had a two percent chance to represent the National League in the 2021 World Series. They didn’t have a winning record until August 6th.  If it wasn’t for a spike in early season revenues, the Braves wouldn’t have made the MLB Playoffs .  Atlanta Braves fans purchased tickets in a frenzy that overrode expectations. Because of that, Braves ownership gave their general manager the green light to spend the extra revenue . Like a man that got an unexpected bonus check, he set out to do just that.  After the knee injury to All-Star outfielder Ronald Acuna Jr., Braves general manager Alex Anthopoulos sprang into action.  In four hours before the July 30th trade deadline, Anthopoulos remade his outfield and added depth to his bench.  One player they gained was Eddie Rosario. Rosario had an abdominal strain, but might return in September. He is an outfielder by trade. He hits

Major League Baseball to Provide for Minor League Players

For the first time in Major League Baseball history, teams must provide housing for minor league players.  A majority of baseball players signed to contracts do not get bonuses. They’re players that have just enough talent to be recognized. Teams sign many right out of high school.  Those players have had to subsist on roughly $15,000 a year that Major League Baseball pays them. They’ve had to hustle and grind for day-to-day living expenses.  Many have to work side gigs outside of the game. In the offseason, they have to pay more attention to staying financially afloat. Players have to stay in shape and find proper nutrition. Minor league baseball players usually have to scrape by on junk food and sleep on an air mattress.  If the players are nursing injuries, it’s up to them to rehabilitate the damage. Most players have no access to healthcare when they can barely pay rent. Speaking of rent, players have to share living accommodations. A recent ESPN article told the stories of playe

MLB Playoffs Wildcard Games Have Been Nirvana

The crisp October air can represent a lot of things, but it’s the best time of year for a baseball fan. The MLB Playoffs have started. This week has been Nirvana. The fans are rapturous. Ballparks are full. Every pitch, every at bat has consequences. It all began with the MLB Playoffs Wildcard games. The defending World Series Champion Los Angeles Dodgers were favorites to win the NL West Division. They lost to the upstart San Francisco Giants who were not supposed to be contenders. The Dodgers were playing against the St. Louis Cardinals . The Cardinals were an afterthought until they went on a seventeen game winning streak. They overtook the Cincinnati Reds for the 2nd wildcard spot to close the season. Dodger bats went quiet during the first half of the game as the Cardinals clung to a one run lead. Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner tied the contest with a home run in the fourth inning. Then it was up to the bullpens. The game stayed tied until the bottom of the 9th. St. Louis r