About Craig Tyson Adams

What follows is written by a very expensive copywriter about Craig Tyson Adams.

Welcome to my website! Be assured that by coming here, you are highly entertained and will experience many life-changing facets. Every ounce of energy and effort is put forth to assure that you, our guest, is engaged and interested. 

Once you have checked out everything this site has to offer and you’ll want to tell your friends and family, including your pet, about what you have discovered! 

Is this site for everybody? In all honesty, yes! The scientific algorithm that, after many years of research and testing, does show that YOU, my guest, being of exceptional intelligence and perception, are exactly the type of person that will appreciate and, yes, revel in the content that has been created for you!

OK. Enough of that.

Really, in all honesty, I’m just trying to be funny. Are all the jokes going to be great? Nope. Probably not. The videos are wildly amusing, and are going to be a jumble. Some good, some not as good. You’ll most likely say to yourself “What the hell was that?” 

The thing is, this is my art. This platform is to show my work.

I am a media consumer.

Learning to read at an early age, my time was spent voraciously absorbing every book and encyclopedia in my family's house. I was the youngest kid in a family of 5. We had plenty of books no one read. 

My passion is writing.  I write a story and it is published on this site, Medium, and Linkedin.

The process of writing is magical. Where the words come from is mystical. A detective novel has been a pursuit and I’m working on one in between articles. 

Among other interests are movie fandom, political nonsense, classic rock and roll aficionado, and internet surfing. 

You can find more about Craig Tyson Adams on,

Twitter: @craigtysonadams 

Instagram: @craigtysonadams

Facebook: craigtysonadams

You Tube: craigtysonadams


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