Tom Brady’s Personal Reasons


Tom Brady said he was going through a lot of shit. Here’s what it was.

I think I know what was going on.

There have been lots of rumors around Tom Brady for the past couple of years. The one about the Miami Dolphins is the most telling.

Miami is the place that Brady’s wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen wants to live. It’s an international city where all the rich celebrities are. Those are her people.

Tampa Bay isn’t. Compared to Miami, Tampa is a country backwater. It’s Jersey City compared to New York City. It’s Tulsa compared to Dallas. It’s Oakland compared to San Francisco.

No self-respecting multi-millionaire jet setter admits they live in back in the hollars of the hill country to other rich beautiful people. It’s like being Eva Gabor living in Hooterville. Her wealthy friends are always trying to rescue her.

When Brady originally left his old team, the New England Patriots, his plan was to sign with a team that played in one of the NFL’s glamour spots. When you’re married to a glamourous spouse and want to be one of the elites, that’s what you need to do.

After winters spent in Foxborough Massachusetts, they both felt that they had paid their dues and were now set for a reward for all the hard work and personal sacrifice.

The teams the Brady’s were looking at were Tom Brady’s favorite while growing up, the San Francisco 49ers, the Las Vegas Raiders and the Miami Dolphins. All international destinations that cater to the in-crowd.

Despite all his best efforts for one reason or another, negotiations with those teams didn’t work out. That had to be a huge letdown for Gisele and the rest of Tom Brady’s family and associates.

That’s what Tom Brady has been dealing with.

The reason he retired after last season was because he was given an ultimatum. Either find a way to play in Miami or quit. He couldn’t make the deal work so he stopped playing.

His head coach in Tampa, Bruce Arians, decided to retire also. If he wasn’t going to have Tom Brady as his playmaker, what was the point in staying?

Once Brady announced he was quitting, it took him about two weeks to realize that he made the wrong move. He spent a few days with his family and witnessed what his future is going to be. He got on the first plane to confer with the Buccaneers' ownership to ask his way back.

That didn’t make his wife happy.

Now they’ve made it to training camp this season and nothing has changed. Brady took time off and left camp for two weeks. Rumors abounded during that time about why he left.

If you skip up to the two-minute mark, Brady comments, albeit cryptically, on why he abruptly went missing from camp.

No one really knows what goes on behind closed doors in someone’s house. But, from his description, and the look on his face, all isn’t happy at this moment in Tom Brady’s life.

I bet his team still gets to the playoffs. They better. After all the drama and distraction it has to all payoff or his wife will have to explain to her friends why she puts up with it.

All-Pro Reels from District of Columbia, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons


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