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Vacuum Accumulation

  HOW TO BEST MANEUVER A HOOVER When a clean room looms When it comes right down to it, the instrument of debris consumption has never improved. Oh sure, a cyclone of suction that draws the material particulates into a canister has replaced the bags of yore. No longer does the operator of the machine for floor sweeping have to deal with the potential of explosive dusty mayhem when removing the itchy eyeball producing pouch of corralled crud. A plume of various wastrel detritus would erupt into the face of the vacuum user and about the surrounding local areas. The effect would render the face of the bag extractor to be covered in airborne silt. Previously pleasant facial features were now reduced to scowling, frowning and evermore increasing creases. It might even elicit a cough or sneeze or two. It was with this in mind that I began thinking of the one time the tale of a supernatural travelling Hoover sales agent. A legend that was bourne amongst the smoking area cognoscenti elite of