Tyson Fury Needs The Fight


Focus on motivation

While scrolling through YouTube videos, I ran across a snippet of Richard Nixon answering a question during an interview and it reminded me of Tyson Fury.

It sounds a bit convoluted but stay with me here.

The former president was talking about how life needs a purpose. All the people that he knew from swanky parts of the world spent their time drinking too much, talking too much, and thinking too little.

People that were millionaires and spent their time hunting or fishing or golfing or traveling didn’t know life.

What makes life worth living is purpose. A goal, a fight, the battle, even if you don’t win.

Tyson Fury needs the fight.

He needs to train. Tyson Fury needs the distraction because left to his own devices, he spins into the darkness of depression.

As the undefeated heavyweight champion of the world, Fury has scaled the heights of his chosen profession.

He worked his way up from being an Irish Traveler repaving streets with his father, uncle, and brother to winning the most prestigious title in sports.

After Fury defeated Wladimir Klitschko for the World Heavyweight Championship on November 28, 2015, he began his descent into mental illness.

Reaching his goals and being on top took the purpose from his life, as he felt he had nothing left to achieve.

Fury was drinking heavily and binging on cocaine. He admitted to being suicidal. The boxing powers that be deemed him medically unfit to fight, and they stripped him of his titles.

One night, he drank heavily and decided he was going to drive at high speed into a wall. Fury veered away at the last moment.

He said if it wasn’t for the religious beliefs that made him fear that he was going to spend eternity in hell, Fury would’ve done it.

He has a wife and three children. Fury had defeated the most dominating fighter that had held the heavyweight title for over ten years.

Tyson Fury decides dying isn’t an option.

The fighter was back to the beginning. Tyson Fury again had motivation. In a twisted way, he had something to fight for. His self-destructive tendency made him realize he needed the fight.

Fury has said that training for the battle saved his life. Having a goal made him find a purpose for living.

Sometimes circumstances will change, but in order to live fully, there must be a target. Something to strive for. That restlessness is a gift. To know life is to use it.

You don’t have to believe in yourself. Be open to your motivation. No artist is pleased. Create something. Be the champion of your life.


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