Lakers Trade For Russell Westbrook’s Nemesis


It’s about to get petty in Lakerland

If management wants to make it uncomfortable in the workplace for someone, it hires a person that drives the employee nutty.

I mean, there are other ways, but in professional sports, your team acquiring the one pest that has disrupted your game is a big way of telling you to be amenable to a move to get you out of town.

How do you say we don’t want you without coming out to say we don’t want you? Go get the guy that makes your nostrils flare.

For Los Angeles Lakers player Russell Westbrook, that player is Patrick Beverley.

For years now they have tormented one another. During the playoffs in 2013, Beverley was guarding Westbrook. He wanted a timeout, but Beverley made a move to steal the ball and ran into Westbrook’s knee, and blew it out before the referee could blow the whistle. Westbrook missed the rest of the postseason and much of the next year.

They continued the feud since then. Once their jawing back and forth got so heated that the police had to separate them on the court.

Last season, Westbrook had a bad game while being guarded by Beverley, and Patrick walked past the Lakers bench and held his nose while looking at Westbrook.

Westbrook responded in a post-game interview saying that Beverley had everybody in the NBA fooled because Beverley didn’t really play defense, he just runs around and yells. Beverley said that the comments ruined his reputation.

Now that they’re on the same team, for now, it’s gonna be fun to see how they can co-exist.

I gotta stock up on popcorn. I hope they televise practice.

Erik Drost, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Frenchieinportland, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons


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